Houseplants That Are Slowly Poisoning Your Health!

Did it ever come to your mind that delicate flowers or plants that have a wonderful appearance, beautiful, attractive and beneficial to health, that some of them may cause you to have very serious diseases and may even cause your death one day?
Welcome to an article that concerns your health, and you may be surprised by what we are talking about today. Not all plants are edible, as they may hide behind their beautiful appearance toxins that represent a grave danger to human life. Some of these Houseplants That Are Slowly Poisoning Your Health:

1 - Lily flower plant

They are plants with a wonderful and beautiful appearance. They have a different shape and attractive that makes everyone who sees them want to own them. Well, I have these plants a very beautiful and beloved appearance. I have a lot. Not all types of them are poisonous except for the other toxic types. That may cause vomiting, severe headache, poor vision, and the occurrence of skin sensitivity in humans. Eitherfor some animals. It may cause kidney and liver failure, and in some cases it may lead to death.

Lily flower

2 - Ivy plants

These plants are the most common. They have a defentely attractive and beautiful appearance because of the beauty of their leaves. Which are in the shape of a heart, drawn to the edge, are bright green in color, and have a calm natural landscape. This home plant works to purify the air from impurities, but there is another side to this plant. If a person consumes this plant. It can causes burning, skin irritation, marked swelling, severe pain in the lips. Also causes vomiting and diarrhea.

3 - Philodendron plant

They are plants whose leaves are distinguished by their bright light green color and are also distinguished by the size of their large leaves. Sometimes reaching 200 centimeters. they called a houseplant, so it has a beautiful appearance that makes those who look at it feel psychologically comfortable. But there is another side to these beautiful plants. It is extremely toxic to humans and animals alike. It also causes children’s mouth swelling in general, sensitivity and severe skin irritation accompanied by itching and pain. besideif we eat a large amount, it may cause humans and animals to die slowly.


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