Mental health tips that can surely help you.

Many of you are suffering from stress, anxiety, depression, and fear from the virus. But you must know that everything has a beginning has an end.

Sadly, the effect of the pandemic on our mental health can be far longer lasting than the disease itself. Corona virus has obviously created beside the Global State of uncertainty there is a mental health crisis that can be characterized as a pandemic. This universal disease has been strange, confusing, and stressful for people from all over the world. So we all agree that the virus is not only attacking our physical health but it is also increasing the psychological suffering.


But why people are having problems with their mental health balance?

Well! The reasons behind are hard to discover, however I can list some of them, the ones that are obvious. A lot of kids can’t go to school anymore. They are suffering from the lack of contact with them friends and class mates. Also, employees are losing their jobs and struggling to feed their families.


Now their biggest fear is doing die from hunger and no longer fearing the virus (this is the case of low class citizens). Furthermore, the health care network is struggling very hard. People who are working in the medical system, not only have to work additional hours but also to live in an area where the danger of getting infected by the virus is high. in addition to what I mentioned before, we all have to keep social distancing (keep physical distance between ourselves and other people). It’s The reasonable thing to do in order to keep ourselves in safety.

But being physically isolated can lead to feeling emotionally sick. Loneliness is the last thing that anyone wants to feel in time of crisis.

We worry too much about keeping the virus away and staying physically fit. But how can we protect our mental health too?

Now I will share the tips that surely help each one of you to avoid driving into mental health problems.


lack of physical activity can leave you feeling unmotivated with low energy, and even depressed. You must exercise! Running, walking, practicing yoga, and aerobic can display an improvement. During isolation you can use the saved transit time to decrease the cost of working out home. Now, finding a way to do all of these types of activities is more difficult in this period. Yet, it’s still important to incorporate these into our lives.


having enough sleep is so important. Dalai lama said: ” sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our Bodies together”. In order to fall asleep easily you must stop using your phone at least one hour before bedtime. That can definitely incorporate some form of mindfulness or relaxation to your routine.


in all things of Nature there is something of marvelous. Depending on the weather and the restrictions in your area, you may be able to go outside. Take advantage of this possibility so you can interact with nature because it lowers the level of stress and reduces symptoms of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, being outside means less time on social Media. You must also benefit from the sunlight exposure since it provides us with vitamin “D”. If you’re worrying about catching covid-19 there are the precautions to limit the risk. Nevertheless, worrying too much doesn’t help, and is only going to stress you out. Besides, being so much anxious about how much time this pandemic going to last isn’t productive because no one has the answer to this question.


one of the major causes of the covid mental Health burden is being isolated from others. It’s critical to reach out to friends, family and colleagues for their sake as much as your own. I would highly recommend to use visual means to communicate with others, whether that be through zoom, FaceTime or WhatsApp.

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