Ways You Can Use Lemons in Your Health and Beauty Routine

Lemon for health

Welcome to an important topic that men and women need. Today we will talk about a golden fruit based on protecting the skin and increasing freshness, and we will use it as a daily routine to increase the beauty of the skin. Lemon is one of the natural ingredients that is never devoid of health and aesthetic benefits. which are included in the manufacture of some famous products.

You can include lemon In the daily routine of skin care.Besides that lemon also helps in lightening the color of the skin and also whitening the nails. we will talk today about the benefits of lemon methods of using lemon to lighten the skin. How to use lemon for moisturizing the lips Method of using lemon to reduce fatty secretions. The benefits of lemon for the skin in general and also the benefit of lemon in removing the scars of acne after the death of bacteria and leaving traces of dark color

1 - Benefits of lemon for health and skin

Lemon contains:
Ascorbic acid and some antibacterial vitamins that work to fight germs that affect the skin. Means that help cleanse the skin. Substances that exfoliate the skin. which contributes to the process of skin lightening and pigmentation removal. Antioxidants that definitely work to make the skin healthy, clear and supple.
Lemon also fights what is known among young people as acne, which then causes dark spots.

Benefits of lemon for the skin

2 - Use lemon to lighten the skin

Prepare a bowl of lemon juice. Add some honey and a little oatmeal. Stir well these ingredients until they stick to each other.Then apply to the skin. Let these ingredients for an hour, then wash them with lukewarm water. If you want a great result, you can repeat using this mixture at most twice every week

How to use lemon to lighten the skin

3 - Moisturize lips with lemon for your health

Make some lemon and slice it. Mix lemon with sugar, then put a small piece on the lips before bed every day. Leave the ingredients on the lips until the morning and wait for the wonderful result

How to moisturize lips with lemon

4 - Reduce sebum secretions by lemon

Get a lemon and squeeze it into a bowl to make pure lemon juice. Dip a small piece of cotton in the bowl. Pass the cotton ball over the greasy areas that you are suffering from to get rid of the fat in it. Wait a minute, then wash the skin with lukewarm water to remove the lemon juice on it

use lemon to reduce sebum secretions

5 - Whiten nails with lemon

Take some lemons, squeeze and mix with a little olive oil. Soak the nails in the mixture of lemon juice and olive oil for ten minutes. Repeat this mixture once a week and you will get great results

6 - Eliminate acne scars with lemon

Get a large lemon and cut it in half Bring half a lemon, and pass it on the places where there are traces of acne. Wait two minutes, wash your face with lukewarm water, and repeat every two days. Then apply a moisturizing cream for the skin so that the skin is not exposed to dryness after completion

use lemon to eliminate acne scars

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