COVID-19: The UK variant of COVID-19 after Oregon’s first positive in!

The UK variant of covid-19 after Oregon’s first positive in!

Health in UK Has officially reached Oregon the new and more easily spread UK variant of the COVID-19 virus. We’re just learning that an employee at the University of Portland is the person with this variant.

The university says they are isolated and those who were close contacts stayed in quarantine since Monday. they told us that no students are in quarantine or have exposed in connection to this case.

Dr. Tim MENZA statement

Will help experts say that this new variant is more contagious. As well as, it isn’t more deadly or causes more severe illness than the typical strain of COVID-19. The new variant of COVID-19 from the United Kingdom has made its way into Oregon. The Oregon Health Authorities Dr. Tim Menza, explains that this strain isn’t more deadly than the strain we’ve seen since the pandemic began. But it is more easily spread. There’s a bit of a change in that surface protein called the spike protein. And it seems to bind a little more tightly to the respiratory cells where it establishes infection.

Dr. Jennifer Vines statement

Who tested positive for the variant lives in Multnomah County. Thanks to god, according to the county health department hasn’t traveled recently. Which has Dr. Jennifer Vines concern for more communities spread: ”the fact that it’s more contagious is bad news for all of us. Because that can lead to an increase in spread. Also, it can lead to the virus finding its way into people who are at higher risk of severe disease, hospitalization, and death”.

Common goals

Vines and Menza say that now is the time to double down on safety measures. Such as wearing a mask, washing your hands, and limiting social gatherings and travel. however, without those efforts in place, we’re probably in for another surge of the virus of COVID.

Fortunately the cure

Vine says the current vaccines shows to be effective against this new strain: ”It’s normal and expected for respiratory viruses to change over time. That’s one of the reasons that we have to get a flu vaccine every fall is to keep up with changes in the virus itself”.

Mendel says typical COVID-19 tests won’t detect the strain, but he says it’s tracked statewide and nationally. The Dr. says: ‘’ The Oregon State Public Health Laboratory, Oregon Health and Sciences University, University of Oregon, and OSU, the labs, the academic labs. Those of them are now building their relationship and a consortium to work together to do sequencing. In order to identify and keep track of this and other variants in Oregon’’…

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