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On WeandHealth website, God willing, we will address all health-related topics in all its branches and fields, and our relationship with it as humans and a society with its culture and customs


health it is the state of complete physical mental and social well-being not simply the absence of illness or infirmity and healthiness are some things we try to attain not simply individually however conjointly as a community however..

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Physical Health

physical health is one among the eight interconnected components of total health and wellness, it’s refers to the state of your human body and the way well your human body is working. Due to the interconnected nature of health. Physical health powerfully influences and impacts the other components of health; for example, when you don’t sleep well or not get enough hours of sleep your ability to function at work deteriorates, thus influencing your occupational well-being, another example is that the connection between mental and emotional health (how I feel about my human body greatly impacts my self-esteem and self-confidence), Which can lead to poor mental health. Like each of the elements of health it’s vitally important that you simply create physically healthy habits.

Ø  Habits 1: include living an active lifestyle, this goes beyond working out on a regular basis and connects to being active whenever possible; for example, taking the stairs instead of the elevator.

Ø  Habits 2: Eating and drinking a well-balanced diet.

Ø  Habits 3: Regular physical fitness and intentional.

Ø  Habits 4: Hygiene practices and disease prevention.

Overall strengthening physical health is significant to well-being because the state of our human body lays the inspiration for several aspects of well-being.

Now it is time for you to intentionally build physical health by taking this information and creating healthy habits in your own life.